Landlord & Tenant Rights: LA Multifamily Real Estate Investors Meeting

Landlord & Tenant Rights: LA Multifamily Real Estate Investors Meeting

If there is one area of concern that seems to vex investors in the Los Angeles multifamily investor market — it is:

What are the rules with regards to landlord and tenant rights when it comes to voluntary vacates for rent controlled tenants?

This topic is a hot and controversial one throughout Los Angeles. Perhaps no one knows this more than our guest speaker on Saturday, Shelby Istrin of Onyx Relocation, Inc.

From Shelby’s bio:

“Onyx represents landlords seeking to reposition underperforming multifamily assets throughout Los Angeles by negotiating voluntary vacancy agreements with rent-controlled tenants. Shelby’s expertise is sought after due to her in-depth knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations, strategies, creative solutions, vast experience in dealing with rent-controlled tenants, as well as her relationships within the housing department. She’s known for budgeting accurately, diligently pursuing tenants, powerful persuasion tactics, and mitigating risk.”

Shelby is an expert with regards to voluntary vacates (“cash for keys”), Ellis Act, rent control, and dealing with all the Los Angeles City and County housing department rules and regulations. She has worked on hundreds of cases and come across every conceivable scenario in this area.

We are excited to host Shelby and will have a Q&A hosted by Will Tiao of Tiao Properties for this special seminar. We hope you can join us. We look forward to seeing you at our Echo Park office this Saturday at 11am.

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