Tenants in Common

TICs are a great option for building owners and buyers alike. TIC conversions help owners maximize their return on investment, while providing prospective buyers with the opportunity to own at a potentially lower price.


What is Tenants in Common?

TIC is a hybrid form of ownership in which each title owner owns a percentage of the entire property, with exclusive rights to one unit.

Why choose Tenants in Common?

TIC ownership offers buyers the opportunity to hold title at an affordable rate, while building equity and financial security. TICs are often below market rate due to limited financing available.


How do you finance a TIC?

There are a small number of lenders who offer fractional financing. Contact us for more information.

The Hayworth

We were involved in the conversion of this classic 8-unit French Normandy TIC in West Hollywood. All units were successfully sold!

What Are The Differences Between Condo Ownership and TIC Ownership?


TIC owners hold title with other owners (2+) and own a percentage of the property; condo owners hold title to their individual unit.


There are fewer lenders that finance TICs. Reach out to us for more information.


Each TIC owner pays for their own fraction of the tax bill; condo owners each receive their own tax bill separate from the building.

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