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The culturally diverse neighborhood of Echo Park has long been known as one of Los Angeles’ trendiest neighborhoods, but it also has a rich history that tells the tale of a growing city. The city holds a special place in our hearts, being that it was where we purchased our first family home (across from the lake), the location of our first office (Sunset and Mohawk), andwhere we purchased our very first investment property. Additionally, we are proud members of the Echo Park Chamber of Commerce and strive to stay connected within the community.

Echo Park Lake, from which the area takes its name, was created from a decommissioned reservoir in 1892. Today the surrounding public park is a hub for residents to enjoy outdoor living and is home to the annual Lotus Festival. The city is also home to the Echo Park Rising event and the weekly Echo Park Farmer’s Market. Once considered the suburbs for people who worked in Downtown LA and the heart of the silent film industry, Echo Park now boasts a wealthof unique local businesses, indie music venues, and restaurants that draw visitors from across the LA area. Bordered by Silver Lake, Chinatown, and Downtown LA, this neighborhood also has a diverse range of architecture, from well-preserved Victorian and Craftsman homes to mid-century modern apartment buildings and newer Spanish-style houses.

Los Angeles–based Tiao Properties is a familyowned and operated real estate company with deep roots in our local communities, including Echo Park. Each of LA’s diverse neighborhoods has a unique character, and our understanding of those nuances makes us an invaluable resource for clients searching for the right investment opportunity.In addition to our professional efforts, we believe in strengthening our connection to the communities we serve by giving back to causes that support residents and businesses.We work with organizations that support families, small businesses, and the underprivileged.

Investing in Echo Park

Tiao Properties is a boutique real estate company that buys, sells, manages, and invests in single and multifamily homes and mixed-use properties on behalf of our clients. Working with everyone from first-time buyers to experienced investors, we build long-term relationships with the clients we serve to help them meet their investment goals at every stage. Our services include:

Brokerage: Buying and selling residential, commercial, and multifamily properties throughout the greater LA area.

Leasing: Helping you find your perfect residential or commercial rental.

Property Management: Full-service management of your single-family, multifamily, or commercial investment properties. This includes leasing, maintenance, andfinancial reporting, as well as annual property evaluations to identify ways to maximize your investment value.

Our specialized teams have the unique ability to provide services for both multifamily and commercial properties, making us a convenient all-in-one solution for investors building a diversified real estate portfolio. We’re experts in investment strategies such as Tenants in Common (TIC) conversions, 1031 exchanges,and more. In addition, we speak Spanish, French, and Mandarin, allowing us to serve first/second-generation, multilingual, and overseas investors with ease.

Tiao Properties can help you achieve your real estate goals in Echo Park and throughout the Los Angeles area, whether you’re a local, national, or international investor. Call us today at (866) 952-1031 to learn more about our services.

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